GROSSMAN | Let Us Show Compassion and Understanding for Each Other

In the last few months, I have spoken with dozens of Jewish students. The picture that emerges from all of these meetings is a sad one. The disruptions that we have experienced in the last half a year have resulted in tremendous pain, shared by many members of our community. 

I have also spoken with others at Cornell who told me that they feel the disruptions we see on campus are minimal and have caused no harm at all. The same claims have been made in the many letters published in The Cornell Daily Sun by multiple faculty members accepting — and even praising and encouraging — disruption by students of other students, faculty and staff. This complete disregard for the pain experienced by members of the Jewish community is itself a source of pain. 

Too many people cannot study or work in the toxic environment that we have on campus. We are on the brink of losing control of the situation. Let us stop it before it is too late. I am writing to all of the people who are promoting disruptions to rethink what they are doing. I am asking for acknowledgment of the pain that so many of us are experiencing.

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