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Re: Student Assembly Presidential Candidates Face Rigorous Questions (news, April 19)

Author Robert Greene once said, “We do not see people as they are, but as they appear to us. And these appearances are usually misleading.” It probably comes as no surprise that I find myself agreeing with his sentiment today, given the “revelations” related to my character. I make no excuses for my experiences because they’ve made me into the man I am today. However, I feel obligated to relate the truth to the Cornell community to illustrate a more complete picture of who I am and where I come from.

As many of you know, 2020 will perhaps go down as the most tumultuous year on record for the 21st century. A raging global pandemic, economic upheaval, authoritarian policies and civil dissent from every imaginable corner of the ideological spectrum were compressed into what now seems to be a series of weeks. This is no less true for the state of Florida and the City of Tampa. My activity as a local organizer and activist essentially guaranteed that I would become embroiled in civil unrest.

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