Sex on Thursday | We Have a Top Shortage at Cornell

Sex on Thursday | We Have a Top Shortage at Cornell

These days people want everything done for them. Life does not come on a silver platter. Prime example: Every gay man on this campus wants meat but won’t dish it out! I for one am sick of this! We are truly in a top drought here at Cornell. 

As a bottom, I sadly have first-hand experience. 

I transferred here this fall as a sophomore. Although I have not been at Cornell long, I’ve made the realization rather quickly that the school is filled with bottoms like me. I have Tinder and Hinge, and I mercilessly combed through them last semester. These apps, however, are filled to the brim with twinks. After dates with some of my Tinder matches I was surprisingly catfished. These guys seemed so manly over text, but when I met with them, you guessed it: twinks. Where are my sexy tops at? 

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