Sex On Thursday | Love Letters and Poems Are So In

Chivalry and love on this campus are not dead but merely lost in the wind. To revitalize our generation’s lost passion for love, we need to bring back an old-school practice of showing affection to our beloveds: writing love letters and poems.

The first and only love letter I ever received came when I studied abroad in Spain last summer. During the month I spent in a small city outside of Madrid, I went on a couple of dates a week with a guy I met in a bar on my first night there. I called him my “novio,” or boyfriend in Spanish. Dating him worked out well because, after one week in Spain, my phone and credit card were stolen at a music festival. With no money in a foreign country, his free drinks and movie tickets helped soothe the pain. Thankfully we could still communicate via Instagram direct message on my laptop.

He was studying Romance languages at a university in Spain, so he decided to use his skills from school to write me a letter with poems about how much he enjoyed his time with me. In an attempt to have an indie study abroad experience, I read the letter for the first time in the airport — moments before boarding the plane back to New York. The letter was in cursive Spanish. I’m not necessarily fluent or adept at reading cursive, but I got the gist of what he was saying. It was a sweet way for me to remember the little life I started thousands of miles away from home. 

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