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As I return to the cold winter wasteland of Ithaca, NY, from the warmer climes I enjoyed over break, I can’t help but feel slightly existential and equally bitter sweet. The day I thought would never come has finally arrived. I am a second semester senior. The same freshman who got written up by RAs and lost both his sophomore and junior year security deposits is at long last within sight of the exit. As my peers and I reach the end of the proverbial road, I can’t help but be stricken by a litany of Hallmark Channel emotions about my four years here and an overall sadness about leaving. 

Over break, I tried to think of different ways to make time last and ignore my all too close post-college future. I took up meditation, journaled a little bit, even came up with an Ithaca bucket list (feel free to hit me up if you’re interested in it) and yet my same existential concerns loomed with the coming of the second semester. Thankfully, since returning to campus, I’ve settled into a tenuous peace. It is peace refreshed by two realizations. Firstly, time has a way of just kind of marching on without regard for my petty concerns. I just have to grab it and try my best to hold on to the moment. Secondly, I have made myself a list of three senior year resolutions to keep my senior existentialism at bay. And, selfishly, I’m hoping to hold myself accountable by putting them down in publicly available writing.

My first resolution is simple. I would like to say “hi” more. In my four years here I’ve found myself increasingly more reserved as I walk about campus and the streets of college town. Freshman year, I would greet every familiar face I saw. If I saw you on the street I genuinely wanted to know how you were doing. I took the time to slow down and acknowledge people I knew. Now, somewhere between my purchase of noise-canceling Airpods and three more years of collegiate cynicism, I find myself walking right past people whose names and faces I know without so much as a nod. No more; this semester I will be taking the (not so) courageous step of saying “hi.” 

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