GLASGOW | As an Independent, I’m voting for Trump

He’s coming back. 

I used to hate Donald Trump with every fiber of my being. I even drew him as the devil on January 6. In 2021, I fully believed that Biden was the solution to all of my problems and that Trump was the origin of them. I was brainwashed since age 11, and all of my teachers spoke out against his campaign announcement in 2016. But getting older has heightened my awareness of a truth beyond red or blue. Our country will flourish so much when we understand that both sides of the political spectrum are necessary — democracy thrives when all perspectives are heard. When I peered behind partisanship, I latched onto a candidate I would have never expected.

The vilification and attempted silencing of Trump stems from systemic biases and censorship against Republicans. I will never support Twitter’s decision to remove Trump’s tweets on January 6th, tweets that urged his supporters to remain peaceful and respect the officers and the law. Twitter and Facebook suspending a sitting president from their platforms only further diminished conversation and heightened divisiveness — wouldn’t you rather have everyone at one table?

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